10 Time Management Tips For Parents

I get asked how do you do it? ALL. THE. TIME. I always say time management! Why not give my fellow parents 10 Time Management Tips?

For me, it means the most for me to have cleaned the kitchen, living room, a load of laundry each day without appointments. If I have an appointment I know I can only fit in the kitchen and living room and probably leave the laundry for another day. If I get to it then that’s a huge bonus, right? However, if I don’t I’m not stressed over it. This is including making breakfast, lunch, dinner, helping with homework, and all that jazz. You get the point?

Understanding that, some things CAN wait!

Before I get to the list, I cannot stress this ENOUGH. Somethings can wait!!! You cannot physically take care of children to the best of your ability and keep everything spotless. You will drive yourself crazy trying to, believe me!

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1) Meal Prepping

Every week on Thursday I write a detail menu Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with snacks for us as a family of 7. This is a list we use everyday. So, there’s no “what’s for breakfast, blah blah…” It is all written down in my meal planner, which I loveeee so much!

2) Cleaning Schedule

What do you want to clean each day? This schedule would help you from feeling overwhelmed over what you feel is suppose to be done. Keeping your mind stress free with a schedule and by the end of the week, your house is clean and you have the weekend for whichever you like.

Monday’s: Bathrooms – Tuesday’s: Kitchen (Mopping) – Wednesday’s: Bedroom & Laundry Thursday’s: Family Room – Friday: Laundry (this is just an example)

3) Write Appointments in Calendar

Write each appointment in your phone or a hand held calendar so that you can keep up with it. You don’t have to miss another appointment or be late by keeping your appointments all in once place. With my printable, you will be able to write each appointment down along with your daily tasks.

4) Time for yourself

In order for this to go smoothly, you need time to unwind and give yourself adequate time to “recharge”. You can absolutely love yourself just as much as you love being a mom. In my blog treat your self I write about how it’s important to take care of yourself. The printable has a spot designated for your me time. Here’s my favorite vegan face wash and moisturizer!

5) Share Tasks

If you’re able to — ask your partner for help with some of the chores if you’re overwhelmed. Then, as said before be content with the fact that sometimes you’re not able to get everything done everyday. If you’re having trouble communicating, read my blog How to Have a Healthy Marriage After Children.

6) Goals of the day

When I started my blog, my friend brought me this CUTE pen and journal to write down all my goals. The journal has bible scriptures on each page and is so perfect! The pen is so cute and writes so smooth, I KNOW you will love it!

Each day I write what I want to accomplish – either in my photography business or blogging.

7) Set up deadlines

When you are writing your goals it can be for long term or short term. Your goal, let’s say to lose 10 lbs… make your deadline realistic. Do not set yourself up for failure! Give yourself reasonable time to complete tasks, but watch out for procrastination.

8) The early bird gets the worm

Get your day started early! Wake up a little earlier grab your coffee or tea before your children to write down your tasks of the day. Or another option could be is going to sleep a little later than your family in order to get that alone time for yourself. I have this Vegan AF mug that when I use it, you cannot tell me anything! I’m ready to start my day now!

9) Say no

Helping others is really sweet and all, but sometimes you have to learn to say no. I’m not saying say no every time someone asks you for help, however do not stress yourself trying to help their daily tasks while forgetting to do your own. Then, at the end of the day you are stress about how you haven’t accomplished anything.

10) Rest

Yes, in order to remain productive you have to rest. Do not over work yourself! Unless it’s an emergency more than half of your daily tasks can wait until next time or be simply deleted.

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  1. Rel

    November 6, 2018 at 11:33 AM

    Great post! The older we get, definitely the more responsibilities add up. With all of the chaos and things to do, rest or self-care in general often gets forgotten!

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