11 Hairstyles for Toddlers w/ Natural Hair

For as long as I remembered, I wanted a little girl for many reasons such as doing her hair, dressing her up, and just having a little mini me! I’m always looking up different hairstyles for my baby girl & thought I’d share 11 natural hairstyles for toddlers. Now, I’m not a professional hairstylist but a mommy hairstylist only. Just wanted to share some hairstyles that maybe helpful for someone with the same texture as my daughters.

Hairstyle #1

Two ponytails & two braids.

Hairstyles #2

Middle part with two parts

Hairstyle #3

Loved this! Three braids on each side with connected plaits in the middle.

Hairstyle #4

Part in the middle with two buns!

Hairstyle #5


Hairstyle #6

Part in the middle with beads!

Hairstyle #7

I love doing one plait in the front & two in the back!

Hairstyle #8

Straight back ponytail

Hairstyle #9

Two ponytails

Hairstyle #10

Two front ponytails

One puff in back

Hairstyle #11

Three layer braids and beads


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