5 Reasons Why My Hands Are Not Full

I have heard ” You must have your hands full!” more than a congratulations in these last two months with having five children. It is really hard to find this saying as a compliment. So, if you’re reading this and you have said this to a mama with children, stop. It’s annoying! Yeah I said it, annoying! What are you really trying to tell me by saying that? You must be trying to lend me one of your hands eh?

Literally appointment or outing we have been to someone always commented about how we must have our hands full. & if I’m lying, I’m flying… They seem so amazed at the fact we have twins at first, then there goes that comment. Am I getting more upset than I should be? Probably.. It’s just so exhausting to respond every-time so here’s 5 reasons why my hands are not full incase you thought they were.

1. My heart is way fuller than my hands could ever be

My heart must be huuuuugee because the amount of love I carry day in and day out for my little loves is amazing. To be able to create life is a beautiful blessing every mother was given. Yes, it may seem like with five children I am tired and exhausted, but I promise you the good days outweighs every bad day times one hundred. You see, I know how it is for them to grow old enough where kisses at school drop off is embarrassing. I know how it feels for your 9 years old son to say he’s too old to be tucked into bed or given night-night kisses. It’s an amazing feeling to be the only human in their world that they love the most.

2. I wouldn’t change it for the world

Even when my hands are truly full, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I would do every single last tantrum and late nights all over again in a heart-beat. Life is too short and I want to spend every moment loving on them as much as possible. There are so many things that I have done completely wrong in life, but my children are the five things I’ve done completely right.

3. Children are God’s biggest blessings

In the bible God calls children a blessing and a gift. Psalms 127:3 (KJVLo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. When has having children start being an overwhelming and sad topic? Instead of seeing the beautiful side of motherhood, people assume you have it the worst because of the number of children you have. You never know what a mother went through just to get where she is today. Where you see a mom with three children, there should be five because she has two in heaven.

4. My husband helps me a…lot

I can always count on my husband to take the load for me. Although, it wasn’t always so easy ladies I had to train him 😉 Seriously, we are a team and I do not just do all the hands on activities with the children. On the days I am truly at my wit’s end and need a breath of fresh air, I know I can count on him. For those that may not have a significant other, I suggest getting a relative or baby sitter to get that mommy time. It is really helps with relieving stress and frustrations getting away for a little bit.

5. To be honest, we all must have our hands full

Rather you have one child or three we are all busy. I see you chasing your children, as I am. I see late nights in your baggy eyes, just like mines. I feel when you have only one or two children you are more busy than moms with three or more. A mom with two children is still managing how to juggle two babies around. For me, adding more children only means adding more wine. It was easy for me to bring home the twins, because I already had a schedule for the three older children. From having older children I now know that they won’t be little for too long. To soak up all the cuddles I can and that one day they will grow into little grown people that will be out on their own.

Now, do not think I’m saying that it is all vegan gravy and rice with having five children. It’s not, but it’s not the end of the world either. Some days I have my shit together other days I’m a cry away from Brittany in 2007. The struggle is real. If you are ever wondering why you may not see me in pictures with them, it’s because they look better than me. Don’t feel sorry for me instead send prayers, cash, and wine.

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