Why A Diaper Party Is Better Than A Baby Shower?

Are you expecting or know someone that is expecting a child? You may want to share this with them, because I’m about to make their life so much easier. From my experience since I’ve been able to have both a diaper party and baby shower, I would recommend a diaper party for any mom. 

1. No Unnecessary Gifts

Now, you may be asking what is an unnecessary gift? As all gifts are a blessing and you are thankful for them. Let’s be real, some gifts that you got are sitting at the back of the closet until your baby’s first birthday. Then, you’re like “OH! I remember this!” And throw it in the donation pile. Or having the same outfit or item that two people have brought.

Who will be forgetting to use diapers?

…. I’ll wait

2. Not Spending On Diapers For Months

Or in my case, 5 months! I could have been gifted pretty outfits, but for my diaper party the best gift for me was the diapers. Financially speaking, it has saved us money for the entire 5 months with the twins.

What do you need to buy monthly for a new baby? Usually it’s diapers and wipes. Especially for repeat mothers that do not cloth diaper.

3. Most Likely Use No Matter What

I cannot stress it enough about how having my diaper party has saved so much money. Then, for the other items the twins need I asked family members to buy if they wanted to gift us.

4. Most Likely Can Return For Different Sizes

For those that are wondering about if your baby grows out of a certain size. Most retail stores allows you to bring a box of diapers for either exchange sizes or a gift card, such as Walmart.

5. Gender Reveals

We had a gender reveal party for King and Queen, it was amazing. I knew after my third child that the most important gift for our family would be diapers. I put the suggested brands, but no obligations. By this time I knew what most of my children have been using for some time. To my surprise, my friends that were invited brought more than just diapers. I received gender neutral onesies, pacifiers, toys, etc. So it was truly a blessing to be able to have such great friends attend. We played the usual games and had food and drinks, so to me it was equally a good time! Here’s pictures of my diaper party below:

A friend over at Alber’s Baking Co made this and had these gender reveal cookies shipped just for me. It were the first vegan cookies she made and it was the best cookies we’ve had!!


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