About Me

If you love laughing, food, and all the pretty things, then you’ll feel right at home. Welcome to the C gang!


Born in Louisiana, I am the troubled child.. I mean the loving child out of five siblings. My name is Vetta. Living in the beautiful state of Hawaii. I am a military wife to an amazing man, and a mommy to five beautiful children named Meer, Buba, Lani, and twins King and Queen.
I love Vegan food. YES WE ARE VEGAN. This is what I am most excited for to show you all how you can still enjoy your favorite foods, while being vegan.
I love spend time with my family and photography in my spare time. I want this blog to make you laugh and fill your heart with love. I love God, food, and a little bit of cursing.
My goal is for you to find something in my everyday life that you can bring into yours.
I hope you stick around for a while!
Feel free to subscribe and contact me @ mamavfiveplusme@gmail.com