Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack Review


Boon Lawn Care Drying Rack

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Since King and Queen has been born they have taken over the house the minute they’ve came through the door.

We’ve also given them both bottles, rather it be breast milk or formula (we do both). You can imagine how many bottles that has to be washed throughout the day. Their bottles started taking over every space on the countertops. Bottles here, bottles there, bottles EVERYWHERE! This $19.99 Boon Lawn Bottle Rack has been such a huge help since getting it, and now we can easily place our just washed bottles and accessories on to it just like that!

First off,

We never intended on going to Target and getting this, but I’m so glad we stumbled upon this. It seems like the best purchases are the impulsive ones. I found it placed in the baby aisle with all the baby products. We also was able to buy the Forb Silicone Bottle Brush – I placed it below for your convenience. Bonus is that there’s more accessories that goes to the lawn grass that you can purchase as addition.


To save you some time this is what I know, it is not dishwasher friendly. However, what I love about it is that it’s not that hard to clean by hand. We were really getting tired of cleaning the countertops of water just to dry the bottles.

What else I love about this product is that it doesn’t matter what type of bottles you use to use this. We use Tommie Tippie – because we used them for Leilani and loved them so we just continued. I even placed a spoon and pacifier on it and it held it perfectly! I have even seen others using different brands and sippy cups. The options of this seems endless. Another thing is have you seen other products where it has fifty million pieces that you have to take apart to clean? Well this has only two! The top part is the “grass” and then the bottom part collects any excess water. To be extra cautious, I would like to recommend washing it every other day or two just to ensure no yucky stuff is hanging out on the bottom tray.

So for Mama V Reviews, I give this an 8/10 and I would add this to my twins list!

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