C Section: 5 Step Recovery Guide

With all of my children, I’ve had a c section. It’s the most scariest and rewarding experience you’ll ever have. Excited to meet your new bundle of joy and nervous about what’s to come. I’ve learned so many things throughout the years on recovering from a cesarean. I wanted to share my 5 step recovery guide from a c section. Plus, it’s been fresh on my brain as some of you know I’ve gave birth to my last babies this past July. This picture is authentic, real, and my life. If you feel uneasy about a Cesarean image, please be cautious.

Step 1: Take it easy

This is the most important advice I can give you, in which is why it’s first! Take it easy! There is no reason for you to be trying to “snap back” when you have been “snapped opened!” You know? It’s very critical for you to place yourself first at this moment.

This is where you take the advice you’ve probably heard thousands of times already “rest when the baby sleeps.” Take that literally and do it. If you can, having over a relative or close friend in this time will be very helpful and much needed during this time. Each pregnancy I was blessed to have a helping hand with my older children. The best way to prepare yourself for older children after your surgery is are; creating freezer meals for dinner, doing all errands ahead of time, and spending extra time before baby arrive.

Now days they have grocery pick up/delivery to make it so much easier for us parents. You should look into InstaCart and if you sign up with my link you can get a credit of $10 towards your first order! A complete lifesaver for us, because as you know we are military and being 8 months pregnant while your spouse is gone is NOT fun.

So all in all make it so convenient for yourself that you won’t need to go anywhere for the next two weeks after birth.

Step 2: Taking your medicine

Taking your medicine on time and every time is very essential for recovery of a c section. Although, after a few days you may feel better on the outside remember it takes a year or more to heal completely inside after a cesarean.

Trying to recover from a c section and take care of a baby is tough shit.

Putting on an alarm just for your medicine is so helpful, every 4 hours or whichever your doctor prescribes you. The last two pregnancies my husband has put on an alarm to aid me in taking my medications. During this time, your medicine is your best friend!

One of the worst things are waking up after missing a dose of your medicine. Now you’re trying to play catch up and of course, you cannot double up your medicine. Who wants to be in uncomfortable pain? Especially while taking care of a newborn and possibly older children. Another thing is making sure in the hospital you are communicating your pain accurately. So that you don’t get home and the medicine isn’t helping the way it should.

Step 3: Wear Granny Panties or Adult Depends

Straight like that. Yup I took it there, as real as it get. You know, I plan to keep it classy and real for you. You can try to live it up and yolo style, but the struggle is real after birth. Rather it’s vaginally or c section, you’ll need these granny panties in your life. Anywhere they sell women feminine products at you will find adult depends.

Can I tell you a secret? I kind of take as many as I possibly can at the hospital to cover me at least the first week at home. Which means asking the nurse twice a day for more mesh panties, one for here and one for home. Oh, and make sure your granny panties are high waisted and can fit over your incision as well. It would be very unfortunate for your panties to rub against your c section incision. Ouch!

Step 4: Sponge baths

Depending on when your doctor clears you for showers and baths, sponge baths are your only way of cleaning yourself up for a few weeks. You want to make sure no moisture is on your incision. Now, the way I wash up after a c section maybe different from others, but I know it can help someone. I place a regular pad on my incision to hold any moisture and drainage under control. Yep, and each time I have healed up nicely doing exactly what I just mention.

This helps me feel refreshed and rejuvenated without stepping fully inside the shower. Plus, there’s some mothers that only have baths inside the home.

Step 5: Avoiding Swollen Feet

After this major surgery, you’re going to want to have your feet propped up. Every time you’re sitting down or resting it is ideal to leave your feet elevated. I remember after Leilani and the twins, I did not place my feet up and both of them would be extremely uncomfortable! Then, I start to panic that my feet may need to be amputated because it’s so swollen. So don’t be like me and keep them elevated.

If you are experiencing the following speak to a doctor:

Sad, exhausted, and disappointed

Red, swollen, and drainage from incision site


Smelly discharge from vagina or incision site

difficulty breathing

I hope this is able to help you with your recovery, or if you know someone that needs this information please feel free to share.


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