How To Transition From Vegetarian To Vegan?

Have you been wanting to change your eating lifestyle? I watched this documentary about how this man changed his life around, by juicing.. I wanted to duplicate this same lifestyle of healthy eating and way of living. Not exactly the juicing but to be healthier than I was yesterday. We weren’t always vegan, but just like us you may want to start somewhere. Here’s how to transition from vegetarian to vegan.

Let’s start from the beginning,

I grew up eating pork…

You know down south they love any and everything from a pig. I absolutely did not know how pork affected the body. It took me until I married my husband that I stopped consuming pork. My husband was raised not eating it so it was very different at first. We actually argued about it and turkey meat was gross to me at first.

Sometimes changes in your life makes you uncomfortable. I am a very factual person and I had to go look up facts and statistics to back him up. All I know is I wanted to be healthier. It’s so hard growing up and seeing family members sick from diabetes, overweight, and other health issues. Come to think of it, my sister and I are the only ones on our mom and dad side that eats vegetarian/vegan with occasionally chicken.

Process of elimination

This first step will be eliminating an unhealthy food out of your diet. So for us, when we started it was red meat. No ground beef, beef hot dogs, steaks, and beef hamburgers. If you would like to imitate the same meals that uses red meat, try using turkey meat or chicken in replace of red meat.

We skipped the turkey all together and went straight into chicken and fish. Now, I love chicken so I eliminated that last. Maybe it’s just me, but fish gets so boring after the thirty million time eating it. Before we knew it was two weeks later where we went strictly vegan.

The main item people say that can’t get over is cheese… there’s vegan options for cheese as well. Or if you’re not ready for removing cheese or eggs from your diet, give it time. Maybe you’re not going to remove it from your diet and that’s okay too. My goal is to help those that want other healthy options not just vegan.

But… eating healthy is so expensive

Of course it is! When it’s healthy and has nutritional value it is gonna cost more than McDonalds .99 burger and fries. They are filled with fillers and unhealthy unnamed products. To me buying meats are more expensive than any fruit or vegetable. When you go grocery shopping you should not only look at the price tag, you should be looking at the nutritional facts at the back of each products. That alone would tell you why something is priced high or low.

Change and discipline

You’re gonna have to want the change and stay disciplined. The twins pregnancy was so hard on me to make every meal so sometimes we resulted in going vegetarian. Occasionally having chicken or turkey. Two of my kids don’t even eat anything on their plates anyways unless it’s peanut butter and jelly, pancakes, or cookies. Often times I survived on smoothies and that’s how my kids gotten their vegetables in. Even now, we plan on staying active and eat as healthy as possible. We’re human, and I know I haven’t done the best lately with my choice of food. We fall down but we also get back up. Maybe not fully vegan right now, however we are going to get there one step at a time. Or you can do a vegetarian and pescatarian lifestyle. No judgments over here just motivation and positivity.

What’s foods that you can start with?

Red beans and rice, salad, spaghetti (sauce made from scratch), fruit salad, and smoothies or juices made purely from fruits and vegetables.See? How easy is that?

At the end of the day, just making a difference in healthy eating in one individual is my goal. Lets hold each other accountable.

Let me know in the comments if you would like me to blog about smoothies recipes.We’ve even named our smoothies by the color, ha! Super good and fun.



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