How To Keep Your Sex Life Solid With Kids

If you are in a relationship and are wondering how can you keep your sex life alive with kids this is the blog for you. As a wife and a mom of five beautiful children, I know just as hard it is to get it on 😉

Sex increases bonding within each other especially when you meet the other’s needs. What person doesn’t want to feel loved and desired? That’s what we strive for while in a relationship. Do you feel there’s no time to love on each other like you did while you two were dating? Let me share some ideas that may be able to help if you are struggling.

Sometimes intimacy can be difficult when adding a new sweet baby in your family.

In my experience in the few weeks we add a newborn I allow myself to properly heal. Now each their own, but I do not condone having intercourse before the recommended timeframe your doctor clears you. So, take this time to take care of yourself and babies.

Put the kids to bed early

Once dinner is done and kids are in bed then it’s time for mommy and daddy to play! Yass! Finding the right routine for your family would be a start. You both deserve this time alone, and it doesn’t always have to be about intimacy.

Have an emotional connection

If you don’t have an emotional connection with your lover, your sexual needs may never be met. You have to stimulate the minds before you try to stimulate the body. It is completely satisfying to make love emotionally and physically.

Go on date nights and date again

You never know, that a night without kiddos may spark up some much needed intimacy. Dressing up or just watching a movie together always helps relax me from the long day of being attacked by infant/toddlers.

Helping around the house…

I promise you out of all of these listed, this is MY MAIN ONE! Personally, for me nothing is better than having extra hands around the house. Being able to get a nice shower in to wipe the poop and spit up off. All I need is an hour to myself daily. When you have kids on you daily, it’s so easy to get touched out – as in you don’t want anyone else to touch you at the end of the day. So, for all my fellas reading do this and you’re almost in!

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