How I found the secret to a good night’s rest!

*disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Little Ones, however my own opinions*

I thought it was normal for us as parents to not get any sleep. 

If I could get a penny for all of the sleepless nights we’ve had between all 5 children, I’ll be a millionaire… no, wait.. billionaire. 

Needless to say, I’ve had enough of not getting sleep and I cannot wait to help you get a good nights rest as well! 


Over the past few weeks I’ve been using the Little One’s Sleep Program conveniently located as an app on my phone with the twins. Let’s just say how thankful I am, because how frustrating is it when TWO babies are not sleeping. 


It suggested so many great things such as, having a dark room, white noise, and baby sleep sack. From the temperature of the room to the bedtime routine. Since I have three other kiddos I love how it was adjustable to their schedule as well. We went out to buy pitch blackout curtains for their room, and noise machine. The first day, I promise the dark curtains combined with the noise machine has made a huge change for both bedtime and nap time. To my surprise, they were able to sleep in pass the sun rising!

Another thing is, I get a lot of people that ask about twins sleep schedule, and while they are twins they are two separate individuals. I had to work differently with each one, because King loves his sleep and it differs from Queen’s. Queen can be happy with a 1 hour nap, while as King wants his full 2 hour nap and that is totally fine. This program was able to help me adjust to both of their sleep schedules while still on the same app. As a mom of 5, I don’t know all of the answers. They are my last babies and all of my children are completely different, I felt as if Little Ones Sleep Program helped answered my questions and I can read some questions other parents have as well on the same app.

You can definitely see the shift in behaviors of them when getting enough sleep at nap time and bed time. Also, mom and dad haven’t been living on coffee and dreams! If you take anything from this blog, just remember this: You have heard me talk about self-care this year, and sometimes it isn’t all about makeup, or outings, but just simple sleep. Moms need sleep too!

This has helped me to enjoy some time to myself during the day and a nights sleep that I could only dream of. 

The weekly newsletters sent by email is so helpful to read for mother’s that are pregnant or have children theirselves.

Queen snuggles

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King sleeping like a baby


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