What You Really Need To Prepare For Twins

What you REALLY need to prepare for twins! When I found out I was pregnant with King and Queen I had so many questions. How much diapers are they both going to use? How many swings, bouncers, bottles, etc. I am here to save the day so continue to read for more 😉

Do not buy TWO of everything! I repeat, DO NOT buy TWO of EVERYTHING!

This is the most common advice I see for moms of expecting multiples. Chances are you will have one baby that will like a swing and then you will have the other twin hate it. (Oh look that’s King!) See, exactly why you shouldn’t waste money. So, what I did was went on a local Facebook buy, sell, auction group and looked for swings, bouncers, basically everything! If you oppose of used items, this is a great alternative

I will list below what I wished I stumbled across searching for actual things I needed for my babies first months here. We went in this twin business full force, even having three older babies there’s nothing to prepare you to having two at the same time!

  • 2 swings
  • 1 bouncers
  • 10 bottles
  • 2 Car seats
  • 1 double stroller
  • 5 boxes of diapers
  • 5 boxes of wipes
  • Breast pump (depending on your insurance, you can get this free!)
  • Breast pads (paper or cloth)
  • 15 outfits each size (Newborn – 6 months) – if you’re anything like me, less if not.
  • 10 pair of socks and mittens
  • Bows for baby girl, duh!
  • 2 Bath soaps + lotions sets
  • 14 hoodie towels + wash clothes (so you are not washing clothes every second)
  • 10 spit up blankets
  • 1 tube of butt paste diaper cream
  • Hand sanitizer (I don’t allow nasty hands on my babies!)
  • Bibs
  • Nose freedia (life saver)
  • 4 pacifiers + clips
  • 2 boppy pillows
  • 1 pack and play (or crib)
  • Brush + comb set
  • Coffee + wine

These are optional, you can add or subtract to it as you please. Some items you can check to see if friends or family members have these. Lastly, amazon has a GREAT baby registry where you add to your list and buy and item they send you a FREE baby welcome kit!

Until next time,

Mama V

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