It’s About Setting Goals and Sticking To Them

New Year, New GOALS!

Setting goals and sticking to them! Something that I did last year and I exceeded my expectations. Sometimes we do not believe in ourselves as much as we should. 

Start off the year with new goals, new opportunities, and a new outlook on your future! Walk into 2019 owning everything you deserve.

Aww! Your goal is too far fetched? Do it anyways!!!

You don’t know how far you have came without looking to see where you’ve began. It could be budgeting and last year you were only able to save $100 every two weeks. Knowing that, this year you could aim for saving $100 every week.

It’s not about a New Year resolutions and only doing them for the first two weeks and forget about it. It is about sticking to them for long terms and actually achieving them.

I’m walking into 2019 with bigger goals that I had last year. I have failed, but have always gotten up. Each time a door close another one has open for me with endless blessings. So this year take back what you owe and own it!

I’m not comfortable settling for less and this year is my year!

My goals for 2019: 

Going on more dates with my husband

Loving myself EVERY second

Creating more content for my blog

Reach 2k Followers on Instagram by Thanksgiving

Get 200 email subscribers

Make clients for photography in Colorado

Let’s keep it going…

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