Top 5 Favorite Books for Children


We try to read a book every day before bed. Here are my Top 5 Favorite Books for Children!

Reading is extremely important for our children as their brain are developing each day. Reading a book a day can help with their language skills, comprehension skills, and help them develop an imagination. My children ages ranges from preteen to infant, so the books we collect are for every ages.

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When I was little my mother brought every Baby Sitter’s Club book, and the Dr. Seuss collection. Dr. Seuss’s books brings so many smiles to my children’s faces.

If you’re a parent that have older children and need an idea book for the holidays coming up. This one is for you, my baby ask for this book for Christmas!

With over 300+ 5 star reviews, this has the be the cutest book ever! “I love you to the moon and back“. How many times have we’ve said this to our children?

I love books that can teach children a few things. Rather it’s ABC’s or 123’s they are learning while still enjoying what they’re reading.

What better way to learn about our history than to read about it? We definitely have to order more of these, they have so many options!


Let me know what’s your children favorite books in the comment section below…


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