Treat Yourself, Don’t Mistreat Yourself

Self care is the best care!

Ladies it’s so important to make time for yourself! Sometimes all it takes is giving yourself that extra 5 minutes of loving. I know for me it can truly brighten up my day! Self care can be as free or cheap as you want it to be. Today I give you the motivation and push you need.

Read it twice!

You cannot pour from an empty glass

You need time to put into yourself to fill your glass in order to start pouring yourself to fulfill others needs. First off, catering to yourself does not mean your are selfish, and it does not mean you cannot care about those around you. Each day you should do at least ONE thing to fill your glass. Showering for a good 5 minutes helps fill your glass, go take that shower mama. If doing your eyebrows helps fill your glass, you better slay that eyebrow girl. If you have a business and you are wanting to work on expanding it, do just that. Self care doesn’t always mean spending money.

What if you want extra money for self-care time?

Here’s a tip: If you normally go out to get coffee everyday, skip out on it. It is not going to hurt making your coffee at home one week or two. For everyone it maybe different so do this accordingly to what helps “fill your glass.” So, for every cup of coffee you make at home place $5-$10 away for your self-care day. Even if you only get Starbucks three times a week, that’s almost thirty dollars or more a WEEK! Imagine doing that for coffee and fast food joints! You can look at your budget and do this with almost everything. I personally have cut my nails appointment from twice a month to only once or none. Some months I even skip on doing my hair to do something else I love, it be like that sometimes.

Don’t want to spend money, but still want to have time for yourself?

Another tip I found that helped me was getting up earlier than everyone else about thirty minutes or so, just to give me some time to myself. There’s no better feeling for me other than getting to make coffee and make it without interruptions. No husband, no social media, and no children just me and my boo thang – aka iced coffee. Sometimes I even stay up later than my family to eat my favorite dessert or to clean in peace… Cleaning is seriously a reliever of stress for me. Honestly, I started to be happy with any little time I have to myself, because it can be hard to come by.

Stop making excuses!

Say this to yourself: I’m not making excuses this time! Stop making excuses on why you should not do something for yourself. In order to take care of other people, you have to take care of yourself first. Also, ladies let’s give our spouses more credit in taking care of baby while we are gone. I get it, it maybe scary sometimes but how else will you be comfortable if you don’t try? 4 years ago I brought myself to depression not taking care of myself. Watched my husband go hang out with friends and live his best life. Then, here I was always making excuses to why I couldn’t just do it. It took time, but eventually I wanted to feel confident about myself. Even if I was staying inside, I would feel like the most gorgeous mom sitting my ass on the couch with my hair done.

You deserve it!

If there’s anyone more deserving in treating themselves it’s you. I want this to be a validation every time you need a reason to buy that outfit or to buy that lipstick. When you give yourself excuses just tell yourself Mama V said so! And for the men that’s reading this make a nice spa day at home for your woman. Watch how her stress levels lower and her mood changes significantly.

I know how it feels to do so much for everyone, and leave yourself on the back burner. So let’s do something about it!

Comment below what does self-care day look like for you. See you on the next blog – don’t forget to subscribe.



  1. paula

    October 8, 2018 at 6:02 AM

    Thank you for this great content!

    1. mamavfiveplusme

      October 8, 2018 at 4:58 PM

      Thank you for reading!

      -Mama V.

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