What I’ve Given Up As A Military Spouse

There’s a misconception about Military Spouses. That they all stay at home and have no career of their own, but it’s the total opposite. In my experience as a military wife, there’s so many things I’ve sacrificed to support my husband. Which I am so grateful for his career and all the hard work he has endeared to support his family. However, I want to speak about the things I’ve given up as a military spouse because it’s not all peaches and cream.

Job opportunities

Moving every 1-3 years can be a blessing and curse. Many jobs are looking for employees that are there for long term. Your resume can show you are constantly moving and show no stability.

Depending on your career choice some military installations do not have many jobs for you. For example, Hawaii is very limited (as it’s a small island to begin with) on clinical job openings.


I’ve given up stability from having a stable job and a home. We are constantly moving our families house to house, city to city. Don’t get me wrong I love to travel, but I want to come home to the same house. You know what I mean? It’s the packing and leaving yet, another home in which you’ve made so many memories in. Praying that all of the other military spouses you’ve made friends with for the past year won’t delete you off Facebook, because you moved away.

Being with family and friends

Oh, you think we can just make friends easily? Not… and especially when you have children. Having a best friend one duty station at a time. Then, at same time finding great families that we call family.

Being away from home can get lonely when you’re husband is constantly gone. Your family don’t get to watch your children grow. It’s so hard to attach to people when you’re moving every two years and have to keep opening yourself to different people.

If you’re a planner, you can forget about it!

The military is based on changing plans at all times! You can never put anything set in stone, because everything changes at a drop of a dime. It’s very spontaneous 😉

No planning family trips until the day of, and you know for a fact your spouse is going to be leave (paid vacation time). I have to be willing to stop what I’m doing to leave the country or state with my husband and our children.

Sometimes, I feel as if my career and goals are not as important as his 

I am so proud of the goals that my husband has been able to accomplish and places we have been able to go. I know that what we do as a military spouse is not easy.

We are the glue that holds everything together! 

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